• We love dogs, and Dogs ❤ Chicken

    Treat your dog with the meats he loves most. Farmland Traditions Chicken jerky treats are grain-free, soy-free, and corn-free so your pup can enjoy the savory taste of chicken jerky. Simply made in the U.S.A. with chicken raised on American farms, these jerky treats are full of protein and flavor for a reward dogs love.

  • Duck, duck, carrot!

    Whether your dog hails from a line of duck-hunters or just enjoys the taste of fine fowl, Dogs ❤ Duck and Carrot Jerky Treats are a welcome reward. Made with only the ingredients your dog loves—and that you feel good about giving him—Farmland Traditions brings the best ingredients from American farms in a tasty, treatable jerky snack for your pup.

  • A sweet (potato) turkey treat!

    When pairing ingredients for our Jerky Treats, we thought about our dogs' favorite moments—like Thanksgiving, when the family gathers and food is abundantly shared. This moment inspired our Turkey and Sweet Potato pairing. Made with love in the U.S.A., Farmland Traditions Jerky Treats are full of flavor and free from fillers.

  • We love dogs, and Dogs ❤ Beef

    Our dogs show us love every day through endless tail wags, snuggles, or games of fetch. Dogs ❤ Beef Jerky Treats are one of the ways you can show your dog you love them back. Simple, savory ingredients—no grain, no soy, no fillers—make for a meaty snack that your dog will love and that you can feel good about giving.

  • For the pup who prefers pork

    Dogs dig pork. So when we made our Dogs ❤ Pork Jerky Treats, we kept it simple—no fillers, no grains, no soy. Just tasty Pork Jerky Treats that make ears perk and tails wag. Simply made in the U.S.A. with pork raised on American farms, Farmland Traditions jerky treats are a lovable way to show your dog that you love them, too.

100% USA-Raised Ingredients

Made with care in our own U.S. facility with meats and poultry raised on American farms, Farmland Traditions jerky treats are simply made with only the ingredients you love—and none of the ones you don’t. Grain-free, soy-free, and corn-free, Farmland Traditions jerky treats are free from fillers and full of the meaty flavor dogs love.

Favored and savored by dogs of all sizes

From Danes to dachshunds, dogs ❤ Farmland Traditions Jerky Treats. Easy to break into snackable pieces and full of savory real meat, our jerky treats are favored by four-legged friends of all sizes.

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